Procrastination…you will be the end of me…

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far! I actually have a Saturday off which doesn’t happen too often, so it’s a nice treat. Now if only my hubby had it off too, then it would be even better! We did have a very enjoyable breakfast with some great friends of ours this morning, so at least our day started off on the right foot. :)

Now I’m sitting here about to finish up some orders while I started thinking about how many crafts I wish I could do. I recently learned how to knit(my mom taught me when she was in town last month) and I’ve been working on making a cowl for myself. It’s really coming along quite nicely and I’m hoping to finish soon. I’ll be sure to post photos when its finished. My next step is to try my hand at making coffee cup cozies and maybe slipper socks. We’ll see how well that pans out. ;)

I used to cross stitch a fair amount years ago, and I miss doing that too. I tried picking it up again last year but I never did finish the project I was working on. I think my problem was that I picked something too large, I should have picked something smaller and worked my way up from there. I’ve always like the simple cross stitch patterns, I should get back into that. I’m an impatient person, so I need to work on smaller projects so I don’t get bored so easily.

Again, so many crafts that I want to do all at once. I have so many ideas in my head, but I’m also a procrastinator, so most of them never are seen to completion, and that’s a shame. Someday I’ll really sit down and work on something so I don’t have all these unfinished projects laying about. I also need to reorganize my craft area again, it looks horrendous. Again…procrastination will be the end of me. I always think to myself…’yes, I will do that later’. And later comes and goes…and its still a mess. I keep saying I’ll get myself on a schedule, but that never happens either. I need someone to hold me accountable!!! :)

Ok…speaking of procrastination..I need to get a move on. Lots to do and it’s already almost noon! I’ll be back later to share photos of what I did today, I promise!



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