Stamping and Gearing Up for the Bead Extravaganza!

I really need to get better at posting something more often. So far I seem to be on a ‘once a week’ streak right now, maybe I can shoot for twice a week. haha Baby steps… :)

So I decided to reward myself for doing so well, and bought a new metal stamping set! I adore the font, it looks handwritten. I finally had some spare time and came up with five new necklaces(two of which are just updates on ones I had with the old font). I’m really quite happy with the way they turned out. It’s such a fun font, don’t you think?

Oh! I almost forgot! I’m super excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow there is a Northeast Bead Extravaganza(yes, that is the name of it) at the Ethan Allen Hotel and my friend Jess and I are definitely hitting that up. I’m hoping for some really great finds. It’ll be nice to see the beads up close and personal instead of trying to gauge them by a picture on the computer screen. I’m also hoping there will be some vendors with chains and other findings. So I’ll be hoping my shift at work tomorrow will go by extra quick so we can head over there. It only runs til 5pm, so I gotta get out there as soon as I get out of work! Can’t wait! :D

I’ll definitely be sharing my experience at the Bead Extravaganza(Ok, that’s just fun to say) so be sure to check back later in the week.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!



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