Wrap Bracelets and Cork board Galore!

Ok, maybe not “Galore”…but you know what I mean. ;)

So I have been working on this bracelet for the past three days. I *FINALLY* finished it tonight. I made it using the cord I got at the bead show and some multi-colored jasper beads I had. It turned out fantastic and I actually think I may be keeping this one for myself. I’ll make another one for the shop I’m sure, but this one turned out so pretty I can’t bear to part with it. I also need to start making things for me as well, I don’t do that enough. I need to be able to wear it out and promote my own work! haha

I unfortunately do not have a photo yet, as I couldn’t get a good photo of it with the lack of lighting in this room. I’ll have to wait til the morning so I can use the morning sunlight to brighten the room up. So I promise, there will be a photo of it tomorrow!

I was in Homegoods the other day and saw something that would be perfect for the office. It was a framed cork board{yeah I know, how can a framed cork board be anything special?} and it was so pretty! It was in a pretty blue antique frame and I loved it, but unfortunately didn’t buy it because the room I wanted it in is also blue. So yeah…that wouldn’t have worked out too well. I still liked it though and wanted to show Bil and he agreed to come with me to see it. I showed it to him and he loved it too{double yay!}! I was determined to find it in the antique white that I was hoping for, and lo and behold, in the back corner of the store was the cork board frame in Antique White!!! I was ecstatic! So we scooped it right up and off we went, after we paid for it of course.. ;)

It’s still sitting here on the ground waiting to be mounted though, and hopefully tomorrow it will be hanging nicely on the wall. I’m so excited! I want to use it as an inspiration board for myself. I’ll be sure to take pictures after it’s all up and complete.

Well time to get moving. I want to work more on my knitting tonight, I really want to finish this cowl. I’m determined to get it done by the end of next month. That is my goal, and I feel like its pretty realistic. Again, photos will come after it is complete. :)



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