One of my Favorite Blogs…

So I have been waiting{quite patiently, I promise!} for this special package to arrive and it finally arrived yesterday!

Let me back up and explain something. When I first saw this item, I instantly fell in love with it. I loved the pattern, the colors, everything! I also loved everything else on the site, which made it quite difficult to decide, but I eventually did. After I did, I wanted to know more about the person behind these adorable products. I started reading through their blog, and I can honestly say I connected with her. The more I read, the more I felt like I knew her personally, even though we have never spoken. And I promise, I say that in the least creepiest way possible. haha But honestly, I loved her writing, her humor, and her ethics. She creates the most beautiful bags, and has such a following! That is something I can only dream about having. But honestly, she truly kick started me. Reading through her blog gave me a positive outlook, and for that I thank her immensely.

I could go on and on, but she’d probably think I was weird. haha

But some of you may know her, or at least have heard me talk about her product before, but this is Maggie{aka Gussy}! I encourage you to take a look at her blog, take a look at her shop, follow her on Twitter, whatever you’d like to do, but you won’t be sorry. She’s a bundle of sunshine and will certainly lift anyone’s spirits. I *wish* I had her positivity all the time.

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

Keep up the great work Maggie!!! You deserve it! :)

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

I’ve included a photo of the wristlet that I got and I absolutely love it! I wish I had the money to buy more things from her, maybe in the near future. :)

I also took a photo of her business card, which I ADORE! Its so cute! Mine look lame next to her’s. haha



2 thoughts on “One of my Favorite Blogs…

  1. hey girl! well, aren’t you the sweetest?! thank you so much for your order and your kind words. they mean so much. i just got back from Blissdom (a blogging conference) and felt like i “knew” everyone there. when people share their heart on their blog it’s so easy to love them…

    wishing you a happy day! xxoo

    • Aww, thanks! You’re very welcome, I love love the wristlet! I’ve already gotten a ton of compliments on it. I can’t wait til I can buy another one of your bags! I’ve heard so much about Blissdom through Twitter from different people, I’m beginning to think I should look into it for next year. :)

      Thank you again for stopping by!


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