Photos of the Infamous Wrap Bracelet

Alright, I promised photos yesterday and photos I have! First things first is the infamous bracelet I have been working on and talking about. It’s a wrap bracelet, which I had intended on it being a double wrap, but it ended up as a triple wrap{my wrists are smaller than I thought they were apparently..}. The thing I like about the wrap bracelets though is that it doesn’t matter what size your wrist is, you just adjust it accordingly by how many times you wrap it around.

I gave two views, both just by itself and the other is wearing it on my wrist. Also from what the woman told me about the cord is that the more its worn, the softer it will get. I love the colors of the beads, the earth tones are great.

Next up, is my lovely Homegoods find, my cork board! It still isn’t mounted up on the wall, but I propped it up so at least you can see what it’ll look like next to the blue. Nice huh? I’ll take another photo once its up and I have things actually attached to it.

I have on more thing to share, but I want it to have its own post, so you’ll be seeing it a little later on. For now, enjoy and feel free to let me know your thoughts on what I shared! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and for those of you up here in New England, stay warm! :)



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