Knitting, knitting, and more knitting..

Wow, it’s been a while. I really need to get better at this whole blogging thing. Though I feel like I start off almost every blog that way, it is the truth.

So I picked up a new hobby, yay! I learned how to knit back in December, thanks to my Mom, who helped me start on a cowl. Well, I finally finished it last week. Let me start off by saying, this thing is gigantic. I don’t know why I’m such a horrible judge of size, but I had in my head it was much smaller. But once I casted off and actually looked at it off the needles, I realized I probably could’ve stopped awhile ago. Ah well, lesson learned. It’s still super soft and snuggly and I still love it, it’s just really big. It’ll be good to have next winter when the bitter temperatures start rolling in. As for now, we’re hoping to go full steam ahead to warmer spring temperatures here in the NorthEast!

So that brings me to my next project. I have thrown myself into this whole knitting thing, and I found some great patterns. I actually started working on a tiny baby pod to be used in newborn photography. {No, it is not for me, so please don’t start inquiring or jumping to conclusions. ;)} It’s a really pretty chocolaty brown shade in a more bulky yarn, so there’s a lot of texture in it. I’m hoping to have it finished next week, so we’ll see. That is my goal now; to work on smaller projects so I can have more of a variety instead of dragging out one big project that will take me months to finish. I get bored easily, so that’s never a good idea.

That’s about all I have for now. I want to get back to more knitting before I have to head into work. I’ll be sure to post photos of my finished projects soon.



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