Little Clay Houses and Fun Trinkets from the Little Red Door

About a month ago I entered a contest on Twitter to win a lip balm from this cute little etsy shop, The Little Red Door. I actually happened to win one, which I was ecstatic about since I never win anything. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I received the cutest package in the mail. Not only was it the lip balm, there were also tiny trinkets inside. They were so fun and quirky, it was great! I have them on my bulletin board and they definitely make my smile every time I see them.

So this leads me to the reason of this post! The Little Red Door was having a special a couple weeks ago where the 1400th sale got extra little houses and what not. So I decided then was the best time to start my collection of little clay houses, and am I glad I did!

Gift Package from Little Red Door

I received the best package of fun and quirky items. I absolutely love it! I included some photos so you can see everything. The clay houses are perfect, and I can’t wait to get more! In the package I received was also a canvas tote bag, a mug, hair clips, tiny houses, little mini erasers, some candy, and a note. It was so sweet and I loved it. So a big thank you to Toni over at The Little Red Door, it is always a wonderful experience working with you!

I absolutely recommend you to check out her etsy shop and definitely follow her on Twitter, @littlereddoor

Here’s the beginning of my little clay house collection. You should start yours today!

Little Clay Houses from the Little Red Door

I unfortunately do not have a shelf in my craft room yet, so for now they are sitting on top of my corkboard. I love this board, I’ve included all of my little trinkets and business cards that I’ve received so far. I’m going to need another board soon! ;)

Definitely do yourself the favor though and check out her shop. You’ll find yourself wanting to start your own collection of little clay houses.


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