Our first experience at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market

Our first day at the flea market was a success! We had a great time and it was a lot of fun. It was definitely a learning experience and we look forward to doing it again. We hope you join us!

6am fog...I took some photos of our tables before the flea market started. It was a very very early morning for us. We got to the field at 5am and there such a heavy fog it was crazy. You can see it a bit in the background if the first shot. Luckily it lifted by 6:30am when people started rolling in.

treasure chest of earringsI was trying to go for a shabby chic look to my table. I know it needs a lot of work, but it was my first time and I’m still gathering everything I need. I promise it will be better next time!!

Here are a few more close up shots of my table. I got the magnet board from a wonderful vendor at the Elephants Trunk who finds create vintage items and repurposes them. I’ve purchased items from her before, and I just love her style. She used a vintage frame and created a wonderful chalk board that is perfect for my magnets. :)








Here’s a few more treasures to look at it. I tried getting as many close-ups as I could but I wanted to be able to show everything. Let me know what you think!!

My treasure chest of earrings!

Close up of chalk board and magnets

Scrabble tile pendants and necklaces with Knitting stitch markers in the front.

Magnets, pendants, and bobby pin sets

My hubby!And not to be left out, Bil also had a table! He was selling some original Nintendo games and Nintendo Systems as well that he replaced the 72-pin connectors in so they work like new! He blew through his collection of games and all the systems while we were there, so that was fantastic. He made for great company and I’m really glad he wanted to sell with me. His batch of Nintendo items






We had a really great time though and we did better than we had hoped to do. We’re thinking of doing it once or twice a month to give us time to stock up inventory in between. So we’ll be sure to let you all know when we’ll be doing it again! Thank you to those who stopped by, it was great seeing you all!




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