Apps for Cats

I want to share with you some apps I found for the iPad that I have found absolutely hysterical, and those with cats will more than likely agree. The main app that I love is called ‘Game for Cats’ and it is exactly what the title is a game for cats. I downloaded this game, got my cats’ attention, and giggled for a good 20 minutes straight as my two lovey’s tried so hard to catch that darn mouse on the screen.

Another great app that they make is called ‘Paint for Cats’. This one is the same type of app but instead of just the mouse running around aimlessly, it adds the fun factor of each time your cat touches the screen it paints either a paw print or paint smudge on the screen in different colors. In the end you have a very colorful ‘painting’ created by your cat! You can save it and even share it on Facebook or Twitter. Very cute!

So if you have a cat in your home, definitely be sure to check out this app. ;)


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