Investing in my Business

I’ve been bad…I know. I have no excuse for not posting more regularly!! But I want to share with you my new toy! I just got it the other day and it kills me that I haven’t been able to really use it much. I’ve been swamped at work and with the shop, I just haven’t had a chance. I finally bought my very own DSLR with my own hard-earned cash. I can not even begin to explain to you how proud of myself I am.

I promise you that I will take lots of beautiful photos soon and post them up for you all to see! I want to get in the habit of taking photos on the weekends when I actually get to experience the daylight hours. With daylight savings time, it’s dark when I go to work and it’s dark again when I come home. It’s pretty depressing actually.

Does anyone have any good DSLR/photography tips for a beginner? I’d love to hear them!


Much Love for Sweet Customers

I just had the sweetest customer! She was new to Etsy and didn’t quite know how it worked, but she was ordering a necklace for her daughter for her birthday. She said her daughter loved my shop{made my heart swell when I read that} and was looking to get one of my necklaces. She picked one out, but her mom wanted to make it a little more personal. So she ordered the necklace and added on a Swarovski crystal birthstone! It was such a cute idea and I loved it so much I took a picture! :)

It’s the little things that brighten my day..


‘I Shoot People’

Recently I have entered into the world of hand stamping metals and even invested in some quality stamping sets for myself. I made a few necklaces and received some positive reviews, but I have yet to get a response like I did when I debuted this necklace.

Photography Necklace

Perfect gift for a Photog

I was immediately hit with an abundance of positive feedback! I was absolutely thrilled beyond belief. I listed it up on Etsy and it sold within minutes, I posted the second one I had, and that one sold too! I had to go and order more camera charms so I can make more. I’ve already had several requests for this necklace, and I couldn’t be happier!!

Looks like I’ve found myself a keeper. ;)